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Where do I get the air?

The air shocker requires a very small volume of air (less than a volleyball) You can use an air hose from a shop or gas station, tank or 12 volt pump or my favourite, a foot pump (sold for less than $12.00 at retail stores.)

How much air do I put in the Receiver Mount hitch?

With your trailer hooked up to the tow vehicle, and loads positioned for transport, air up shocker until main frame rotates and lightly compresses top bushing (about 1/8″ of squeeze or pinch in the bushing).

How much air do I put in the Gooseneck Surge Hitch?

The Gooseneck Surge is a low pressure hitch, typically around 20 psi, then test and add or subtract air for a great ride.

How long will it hold air?

This is a sealed system that will hold air for weeks or months. If you haul the same trailer with the same load weight, it should be good for quite some time.

How do I know the Receiver hitch will fit my truck?

We have made sure that the receiver air shocker will fit into most Ford, Chevy, Dodge and SUV’s. There are some clearance issues with the Chevy Envoy, Ford Explorer, some imports and service body vehicles where the body extends below the receiver tube. The use of “reducer” sleeves on trucks with a 2 1/2″ receiver tube is not recommended. The Shockerhitch is available with a 2 1/2″ shank at no extra charge. Please indicated which vehicle you intend to use the hitch with, make/model/year and we will attempt to get you a great fitting hitch.

How do I know the Gooseneck Surge will fit my truck and trailer?

The Gooseneck Surge hitch replaces the existing coupler and stem/tube that slides up into the neck of the trailer. It is best to indicate what brand of trailer you have, im some cases we may have some questions regarding details of how your trailer was built. This will help us get you a hitch that fits great.

How far below my pickup does the receiver air shocker hang?

Five inches below bottom of receiver tube.

How often do I grease it?

The grease does not just lube the pivot; it also keeps water and dirt out. You cannot over grease it, once every few months should do it.

Note: It is important the hitch ball also be greased to reduce wear and improve function.

Does the receiver air hitch work like or with an equalizer hitch?


How does the Receiver hitch work?

The Receiver air shocker is like a teeter totter. One end is an air bag, a pivot in the middle, and a ball at the other end. This gives a “pillow” effect at the ball end.

Should I tighten up the top jam nut on the receiver shocker?

No. The air shocker needs at least one half inch of play to work properly.

How much does an Air Shocker weigh?

The Receiver Air Shocker weighs 40 pounds and the Gooseneck Surge Shockerhitch weighs 75 pounds.